Protecting Public Health Through Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

This June 6, we celebrate World Pest Day, acknowledging how far pest management has come.

Pests have been a nuisance since the first civilizations, carrying diseases and wreaking havoc on prized harvests. Nowadays, they continue to carry diseases, damage food supplies, and destroy homes, properties and even businesses’ reputation. Today on World Pest Day, we recognize and foster the role of effective pest management in protecting public health and food safety.

Managing Pests in the Modern World

Industry leaders in the pest management sector continue to push for scientific developments to not only address modern pest problems but also accommodate modern health and environmental concerns.

ENTECH is a proud part of the pest management industry, pioneering the development and implementation of effective, non-toxic methods. Our Integrated Pest Management Services is a total care system that focuses on long-term elimination and preventative methods combining chemical and non-chemical solutions that are safe for people, pets, and the environment.

Our IPM services have three categories:

ENTECH’s pest management begins with an identification of the source of the problem – the habitat or breeding ground of the pest and their entry points.

Using appropriate environment-friendly methods, highly trained professionals from ENTECH eliminate various types of pests and implement ways to keep them out. These may include a combination of baiting systems and non-toxic chemical solutions, followed by additional treatments or recommendations and structural improvements to prevent pests from returning.

To Safer, More Effective Pest Management with ENTECH

pest management

It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep their properties clean and pest-free to avoid the spread of diseases and avoid accidents. ENTECH makes it easier for homeowners and business owners to manage all types of pests without compromising people’s health and safety and the environment.

This World Pest Day, protect your home from disease-carrying and destructive pests. Connect with ENTECH to find the right pest management solution for you.