Keep Kitchens Clean with the
Green Lab Sludge Munch

The Green Lab Sludge Munch enzyme balls ensure a clean and efficient grease trap system. The unique formula in the slow-release enzyme balls work to break down accumulated fats, oils, and grease within the traps. It’s an effective way to keep it working quickly, no more pricey excavation projects for clogged pipes!


The Green Lab Sludge Munch Enzyme Balls

Keeping the kitchen safe is of utmost importance for all restaurants. Fortunately, The Green Lab Sludge Munch provides an innovative solution to this problem. These slow-release enzyme balls are designed to be dropped into grease traps, breaking down fats, oils, and grease and converting them into harmless compounds like water and carbon dioxide. The ease of use as well as the effective results make The Green Lab Sludge Munch an essential tool for all kitchens.

Learn More About the Green Lab Sludge Munch

The Green Lab Sludge Munch has revolutionized the process of cleaning grease traps thanks to its amazing enzyme balls that help make a home or business owner’s life much easier.

Cost Effective

The Green Lab Sludge Munch enzyme balls help to effectively and efficiently break down fats, oils, and grease (FOG) in grease traps. This is accomplished through the slow-release of enzymes that convert FOG into water and carbon dioxide, creating a cleaner environment. Since the enzymes work slowly, this helps to prevent clogging from forming in the pipes and drains, which can cause costly repairs or replacements.

Odor Eliminating

The Green Lab Sludge Munch also helps to reduce unpleasant odors in kitchens caused by FOG buildup in grease traps and drains. Not only do the grease trap enzyme balls remove existing odors but it also prevents future odors due to its slow-release properties which eliminates potential food sources for pests such as flies and rodents.


Using the Green Lab Sludge Munch is incredibly cost effective as well as environmentally friendly because it does not require frequent replacement like other traditional methods do; making it a great option for businesses looking for an affordable way to maintain their grease traps with minimal impact on the environment.

Start Using the Green Lab Sludge Munch Today!

Stop scrubbing away those unsightly grease stains–let the Sludge Munch do it for you! This powerful solution utilizes safe enzyme balls to break down fats, oils, and grease in grease traps with ease. What's more is that it can be used both in residential homes as well as commercial spaces. Get your Green Lab Sludge Munch today and say goodbye to manual scrubbing forever!

ENTECH Proudly Distributes the Green Lab Sludge Munch

ENTECH has established itself as a leader in green solutions with the innovative Green Lab Sludge Munch. This product uses safe enzymes to break down unsightly fats, oils, and grease that can arise from everyday kitchen activities. An ideal choice for residential or commercial establishments, the Sludge Munch ensures that you can both clean efficiently and with eco-friendly assurance. With its impressively powerful results and affordable price tag, it’s no wonder it has quickly become a consumer favorite. Get it from ENTECH today!

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