Go Green with the Drain Aid
Enzyme Drain Cleaner

The Green Lab enzyme drain cleaner is the perfect solution for maintaining clog-free drains. It digests the fats, oils, and grease that can cause blockage in drains and pipelines. It’s perfect for floor and sink drains as well as pipeline and grease trap maintenance.

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The Green Lab Enzyme Drain Dissolver

The Green Lab Drain Aid is a great way to effectively clean clogged drains without using harsh chemicals. Its special formula uses billions of enzymatic bacteria that generate enzymes to break down kitchen grease, filth, and soap scum in the pipeline. This is especially useful in slow running and clogged bathroom and kitchen drains because it can expedite the breakdown process, reducing odors caused by organic waste build-up.

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The Drain Aid is an enzyme drain cleaner that offers a natural, biodegradable solution that will clean your drains without any of the harsh chemicals or odors associated with traditional drain cleaners.

Eco-Friendly Formula

This enzyme drain dissolver is made with natural and biodegradable ingredients that are safe for both your plumbing system and the environment. It won’t corrode pipes or cause any damage to fixtures—and best of all, it doesn’t create hazardous fumes like some chemical drain cleaners do.

Powerful Cleaning Action

Green Lab Drain Aid boasts powerful cleaning action that quickly breaks down clogs caused by soap scum, grease, hair, and other debris. The product contains enzymes that help break down organic materials so they can be washed away easily without damaging your pipes or fixtures.

Cost Savings

Using an enzyme drain cleaner can save you money in the long run because it prevents future clogs from occurring. This means you won’t have to invest in costly repairs or replacements due to corrosion from chemical cleaners or damage from repeated clogging issues.

Start Using the Green Lab Drain Aid Today!

The Green Lab Drain Aid is the perfect solution for any individual or organization looking to reduce the impact they have on the environment while still protecting themselves from dangerous chemicals and materials in the workplace. Not only does this enzyme drain dissolver offer a safe method of disposal, but also is cost effective and efficient - using significantly less water than traditional methods.

ENTECH Proudly Distributes Green Lab
Drain Aid

ENTECH is always looking for innovative ways to make the environment cleaner and healthier. The company is proud to be a distributor of Green Lab Drain Aid enzyme drain cleaner, a powerful, natural bioremediation product that safely gets rid of fat, oils, and grease. This means homes and businesses can save money by lasting longer between professional plumbing services, saving even more money on emergency repairs down the road.
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