Ecomist Insect Killer Dispenser
and Canister

Made from natural pyrethrin, the Ecomist Insect Killer is food-safe, odorless, and effective for killing flies, mosquitoes, and other pests that can carry harmful illnesses. Install the Ecomist dispenser in any indoor space for safe pest control without the use of harmful and artificial substances.


Get the Natural Insect Killer with Ecomist and ENTECH

Protect your spaces with the natural insect killer that’s safe for all indoor spaces. Ecomist Insect Killer is made with natural pyrethrin and offers an effective method for killing both flying and crawling insects while being safe for humans and food items in the room.

To protect your indoor spaces, simply install an Ecomist dispenser in your room, add the canister, and adjust the mist setting to your preferred level. Each canister can last up to 26 days, depending on your setting. Ecomist provides long-term insect control with pyrethrin that safely repels flying insects.

Organic Pest Management Solutions with the Natural Insect Killer
from Ecomist

The Ecomist dispenser and canister are your solution to around-the-clock pest control without harmful artificial substances. Ideal for all types of spaces in the Philippines, Ecomist is your all-natural solution for warding off flies, mosquitoes, and other types of flying and crawling insects that can affect your indoor spaces.

Natural Food-Safe Pyrethrin

Pyrethrin is a natural substance found in certain flowers that serve as a natural solution that safely and effectively combats flying insects.

Easy Installation and Use

Simply install the Ecomist dispenser in any room, attach the Ecomist canister, and adjust the mist setting for automatically timed sprays. Each canister can last from two weeks up to 26 days, depending on the mist setting. Once empty, it’s easy to remove the empty canister and refill the dispenser.

Discreet and Food-Safe

The Ecomist’s natural insect killer is odorless and food-safe, making it barely noticeable to people within the vicinity.

Natural Pest Control Solutions from ENTECH

Keep your spaces safe and free of both flying and crawling insects with the Ecomist Insect Killer. This natural insect killer is food safe, odorless, and easy to install and refill in any indoor space. Ward away those insects with natural substances that effectively kill flies and mosquitoes while keeping you and others safe. It’s safe for any home, office, or commercial space. At ENTECH, we provide effective and sustainable solutions throughout the Philippines. Get in touch with us today to acquire your own Ecomist dispenser and canister for your spaces or learn more about our other pest management solutions.

Why You Should Get Your Ecomist Insect Killer from ENTECH

ENTECH provides comprehensive long-term solutions for professional cleaning and integrated pest management. Products like the Ecomist Insect Killer are part of our sustainable solutions that have helped over 4,000 clients in the Philippines. Rather than opting for harmful pesticide products made with artificial chemicals, our natural insect killer is made with natural pyrethrin and is food-safe and odorless. ENTECH can recommend strategic locations where the Ecomist can be installed to effectively kill flying insects. Together with our other services and products, our Ecomist insect control units can keep your indoor spaces free of unwanted insects.