Post-Construction Termite Treatment Solutions

Termites are considered as the most destructive pest in the world that can cause extensive damage to buildings and homes. Left unchecked, they can quickly destroy the structural integrity of a property. Eliminate termites with post-construction termite control solutions from ENTECH today.

Invest in Post-Construction Termite Treatment Services

Post-construction termite treatment services are designed to eradicate subterranean termites from occurring in constructed buildings and homes. These measures can include the use of barriers, chemical treatments, and baiting systems.

Our experienced and certified professionals will work with you to develop a comprehensive pest management plan that fits your specific needs. We use advanced technology to locate sub-surface termite activities and equipment to effectively control termites while taking an environment-friendly approach to solving your problems ensuring the least impact on nature possible.

Talk to us today to get anti-termite treatment after construction on your property.

Know More About Our Post-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment

Thorough Inspection

Thorough Inspection

The key to preventing termite damage starts with identifying any potential entry points and habitats for them. Our post-construction termite treatment service begins by locating termite activities using our TermiTracker Thermal Imaging Technology to spot sub-surface termite activities that are not visible to our naked eyes and inspecting critical areas or gaps where these destructive insects intrude.

Application of Treatment

Application of Treatment

Our post-construction termite control service involves protecting your perimeter from termite attacks. We will be injecting termiticide on the soil to establish chemical treated zone which acts a barrier against subterranean termites.

Pest-proofing Your Property

Using Baiting Systems

Termites can cause serious structural damage to buildings and homes. We set up termite bait on above-ground stations and attractant on in-ground stations to eliminate subterranean termite colonies from infesting your property and business.

Global Standards

Global Standards

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and pest control solutions, so you can rest assured that your property will be protected from a possible termite infiltration. All our products and services adhere to the strictest global standards, so you can rest easy knowing there’s nothing that will compromise your health and safety.

Our services go beyond post-construction anti-termite treatments. Contact us today so we can provide your spaces with customized, comprehensive, and long-term solutions that meet the highest global standards.

What to Expect from Our Post-Construction Termite Treatment Service

Post-construction termite control involves locating, treating the soil to make barrier against termites, and setting up traps to arrest and eradicate termites within your property. It’s an important step in protecting your property from these damaging pests. Here is what you can expect from our service:

  • Our post-construction termite treatment service begins with a thorough inspection for critical areas and any gaps that termites can use as entry points into your property and advanced technology in locating sub-surface termite activities and inspecting critical and problematic areas that termites can use as entry points into your property.
  • We will be injecting termiticide on the soil to establish chemical treated zone which acts a barrier against subterranean termites. This can be complemented by setting up baits in possible problem areas to catch any termites that do manage to get in.

Post-Construction Termite Treatment

Here at ENTECH, we understand the science of pest management. That’s why we’re proud to offer anti-termite treatment after construction solutions that work for you. Our services go to the source of the problem, so we can identify how we can stop and prevent it from coming back. We take an environmentally sensitive approach to termite control and management, with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment. For efficient termite control in the Philippines, partner with us. You can rest assured that we’ll find a solution that’s right for you and the environment.