Indoor Insect Light Traps in the Philippines

ENTECH is currently the sole distributor of Brandenburg’s innovative pest management technology. Its light units are ideal commercial insect light traps designed for discreet operations or versatility. Let our team deliver long-term sustainable solutions that eliminate the threat of pests and flying insects.

Indoor Insect Light Traps from Brandenburg and ENTECH

Brandenburg’s innovative indoor insect light traps provide cost-effective pest control solutions. Using the latest technology that can attract and capture pests, our TOTAL CARE System secures your spaces with sustainable solutions with residential, commercial, and industrial insect light traps.


Energy-Efficient Units

Our light traps maximize power efficiency while effectively capturing mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects in the area. Both units are designed to operate silently and efficiently for optimal and discreet pest control in your space. This allows businesses to continuously operate while catching flying insects.


Intentionally Designed

Whether you’re looking for light traps that maintain your aesthetic while discreetly catching pests, or offer flexibility and versatility, our indoor insect light traps offer it. Get a stylishly designed light trap for front-of-house spaces or choose a more practical design for spaces that handle food and perishable items.


Customizable Pest Management Solutions

With the latest innovations and world-class technology, combine ENTECH’s environmental solutions and pest control with long-term devices and create safe and sustainable spaces free of insects and pests.

ENTECH Is Your Partner to Prevent Fly-Borne Diseases

At ENTECH, we’re dedicated to providing effective pest control products and services that keep your indoor spaces cleaner and safer. We cater to homes, offices, hotels, and other commercial and industrial spaces throughout the Philippines. Send us an inquiry today to learn more about our insect light trap prices and features.

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial
Indoor Insect Light Traps in the Philippines

Brandenburg is an international brand providing energy-efficient insect light traps and pest management technologies around the world. ENTECH is currently the sole distributor of Brandenburg’s insect light trap units in the Philippines. These products deliver sustainable pest management solutions using the natural features of UV light that powerfully attract insects and glue board technology.


Genus Illume Alpha

This model is perfect for maintaining the aesthetic of modern spaces while providing efficient pest control. Each unit is stylishly designed as a modern light fixture and silently emits UV light to attract and eliminate flying insects without standing out in your indoor spaces.

Genus Fli

The more versatile option of the two, the Genus Fli has a practical and versatile design. Choose between mounting your unit on walls or corners, or having it free-standing in strategic areas of your spaces. Better for attracting insects while minimizing your energy consumption for electric pest management solutions.


The Indoor Insect Light Trap Provider That You Can Trust

Not all insect light traps and other pest management solutions are made equal. If you’re looking for sustainable pest management solutions, depend on the team that can provide a TOTAL CARE System that thousands of clients in the Philippines trust. ENTECH provides customized and comprehensive long-term solutions that work best for your spaces. Whether you need indoor insect light traps for your home or sustainable and cost-effective insect light traps for commercial and industrial use, we can work with you to create integrated solutions.