ENTECH Environmental Solutions is a distribution company focused on introducing environment-friendly equipment and products. We use technology to effectively utilize the power of nature and expand the usefulness of existing active ingredients. We aim to introduce top-of-the-line delivery systems to cater not only to the brands we represent, but to address the growing needs of customers and businesses.

UV-C Upper Air

A ceiling-mounted device that safely disinfects the air above your space with UV-C radiation. This innovative device ensures the air in a room is constantly being disinfected without directly affecting the people beneath as day-to-day business activities continue.

Green Drain

A drain trap seal device that prevents exposure to harmful sewer gases, pathogens, and pests found in drain lines and plumbing systems.

The Green Lab Enzyme Solutions

A breakthrough enzyme technology that digests fats, oil, grease, odor, and waste in grease traps, pipelines, drains, and septic tanks for a clean and pleasant environment.


A mineralized disinfectant spray with nanonized zinc that effectively kills over 3,000 different types of bacteria and viruses, and is 100% alcohol-free, safe for skin, food-safe, and biodegradable. Available for purchase at Nono’s and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® stores nationwide.

Insect Light Traps

Silent and effective fly traps disguised as stylish light fittings, designed for restaurants, hotel lobbies, bars, reception areas, and more.

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