ENTECH Environmental Solutions is a distribution company focused on introducing environment-friendly equipment and products. We use technology to effectively utilize the power of nature and expand the usefulness of existing active ingredients. We aim to introduce top-of-the-line delivery systems to cater not only to the brands we represent, but to address the growing needs of customers and businesses.

Technology Applications

Brandenburg specializes in the research and development of innovative product designs that incorporates their years of experience in pest management with the latest technology. Most of their works go into developing solutions for flying and biting insects, and air sterilization. Their products set the global standards for light traps. ENTECH Philippines is currently the sole distributor of Brandenburg’s technology in the Philippines.


  • Effective fly catch disguised as a stylish light fitting
  • Silent and discreet with out-of-sight fly catch
  • Electronic ballast for reduced running costs
  • Large HACCP compliant glue board
  • Range of finish options
  • On average, the Illume Alpha (BL) catches 83% more flies
  • Designed for use in sensitive public areas such as restaurants, hotel lobbies, bars, reception areas, leisure facilities, and retail areas


  • 2.4x more UVA output, equivalent to a 108W unit
  • 260% more fly catch for improved food safety
  • 180 degrees attraction
  • Glue board technology offering silent and safe operation for food handling areas
  • Unique louvre for maximized UVA output and out-of-sight insect catch
  • Designed for restaurants, food processing plants, supermarkets and groceries, hotels and motels, office buildings, hospitals, doctor and dental clinics, pharmaceuticals, labs, cinemas and theatres, arenas and stadiums, gyms, prison buildings, schools and other institutions


  • Silent, out-of-sight control for use in all sensitive public areas
  • Horizontal, vertical or corner wall mounting and free standing options offers flexibility in location
  • Aluminum finish for smart hygienic appearance complementing any existing décor and color schemes
  • 2 x 15 Watt lamps and integral UV reflectors for increased output and more powerful attraction levels
  • Large, fully grid-marked glue board for maximum catch area and HACCP compliance
  • Electronic ballast engineering for reduced running costs, increased power and fewer replacement parts
  • Easy-open hinged cover for fast, safe, both-hands free consumables replacement
  • Designed for restaurants, food production, commercial kitchen areas, supermarkets, quick service restaurants, and food processing areas

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