Brandenburg Genus Fli Fly Light

Built for versatility and energy-efficient pest management, the Genus Fli Insect Light Trap can be placed strategically in any room. Either mounted on a wall or placed in free-standing, this light trap can attract and eliminate insects. This model is ideal for restaurants, kitchens, and any area that handle food and other perishable items.


Versatile Pest Management Solutions with the Genus Fli Fly Light

ENTECH is currently the sole distributor of Brandenburg technology, and the Genus Fli is the versatile solution for any home kitchen or indoor commercial space that handle food. Its versatile design allows users to have it either mounted on walls or placed free-standing in strategic areas of any room.

Each Genus Fli fly light operates efficiently to minimize energy consumption while attracting more pests in the area. Prevent foodborne and fly-borne illnesses and pest problems with the efficiency and versatility of a Genus Fli in your indoor spaces. Together with ENTECH’s TOTAL CARE System of comprehensive cleaning solutions, we can keep your spaces safe, sanitary, and sustainable for a long time.

The Versatile and Practical Function of the Genus Fli Insect Light Trap

The Genus Fli is a new-generation insect light trap that minimizes energy consumption while maximizing attraction levels to eliminate pests efficiently. Add the Genus Fli fly light to any indoor space to reduce pests, contamination, and the risk of diseases.

Versatile Design

Use the Genus Fli insect light trap as it’s needed. You can mount it horizontally or vertically on walls or corners. Or you can use the attachment to let it operate on free-standing mode and place it strategically on a flat surface anywhere in your space.

Power-Efficient Pest Control

Each Genus Fli fly light unit is fitted with 2 15-watt lamps and UV reflectors that can attract pests. It’s combined with a HACCP-compliant glue board that’s sturdy enough to maximize catch capacity. This minimizes the use of electricity for your pest control solutions.

Best for Food-Handling Spaces

Suitable for home, commercial, and industrial use. Add the Genus Fli to your kitchen, restaurant, supermarket, food shop, or any production and manufacturing areas that handle food and other perishable items. A versatile pest management solution like the Genus Fli can reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and pest contamination.

Sustainable Pest Management Solutions from ENTECH

The Brandenburg Genus Fli Fly Light is one of our versatile and sustainable pest control solutions. With its reduced energy consumption and effective ability to attract and eliminate insects, the Genus Fli is perfect for kitchens at home, restaurants, and other food-handling areas where insects are a contamination risk. At ENTECH, we provide different solutions for safer and cleaner indoor spaces for homes, offices, and commercial centers in the Philippines. Send us an inquiry today to learn more about the Genus Fli Fly Light and our pest management products and services.

Get Total Care from ENTECH with Effective Genus Fli Units in Your Spaces

At ENTECH, we protect our clients from risks like contamination and pests. That’s why we provide long-term solutions like installing a Brandenburg Genus Fli Fly Light in various types of indoor spaces. Through our comprehensive TOTAL CARE System, we deliver a safe, sanitary, and sustainable way of protecting your indoor spaces. When you work with ENTECH, you know you’re getting cleaning and pest management solutions from an experienced team that focuses on your long-term health and safety measures. Aside from the Genus Fli Fly Light, we provide a wide array of products and services to keep your home, office, commercial, and industrial spaces safe.