Protect Your Home from Flies This Summer!

With an average lifespan of 15 to 25 days, flies somehow manage to wreak havoc in homes, especially in the summer when it’s hot and humid.

Thriving in humid weather, flies are not only a nuisance but are also carriers of up to 65 diseases. Indeed, they are more dangerous than you may have thought.

The Problem with Flies

Flies feed on anything, including trash and fecal matter. This means that flies may pick up various germs, bacteria, and viruses and bring them to your home. Studies have found that flies may carry a wide array of pathogens and diseases that affect the gastrointestinal system, such as:

  • E. coli – a bacteria that may cause serious food poisoning
  • Salmonella – a bacteria that causes diarrhea, stomach cramps, and fever
  • Shigellosis – an infection that can cause diarrhea, fever, and stomach pain
  • Cryptosporidiosis – a diarrheal infection caused by a parasite
  • Cholera – an infection in the intestine, and could have mild to serious symptoms

Apart from carrying diseases, flies also spread bacteria when they eat. They eat via regurgitation which means that flies liquefy food with their saliva and then sponge up the mixture, leaving behind various germs and bacteria on the surface.

So, when you have a fly infestation, you risk contaminating your food and various surfaces with germs and bacteria.

Managing a Fly Infestation with ENTECH

Flypapers, electric zappers, and DIY vinegar and dish soap traps – these methods may catch a handful of flies, but who would want to eat next to flies floating in a dish?

ENTECH’s Fly Pest Control Management service offers different types of sustainable pest management options, including insect light traps.

entech genus illume alpha insect light trap

Insect light traps are a discreet, long-term method for curbing fly infestation in your home, restaurant, or store.

At first look, the Genus Illume Alpha Insect Fly Light looks like an art deco light fixture. But it has a UVA light that attracts flies and a HACCP-compliant glue board that traps flies eliminating them silently.

Gear up your home against a fly infestation with our Insect Light Trap. Contact us for more ways to protect your home from pests.