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Mosquito pest control

End-to-End Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but they can also be dangerous as mosquitoes are the world’s deadliest pest. Mosquitoes have the capacity to reproduce exponentially and infect millions yearly with mosquito-borne diseases that can be deadly like Dengue, Malaria, Zika virus, Chikungunya virus, West Nile virus, and Yellow Fever. This is why professional mosquito control is so important. By getting rid of mosquitoes, you can reduce the risk of disease and make your outdoor space more enjoyable for your customers.

ENTECH offers comprehensive mosquito control services that not only eradicate mosquitoes but also identify possible breeding grounds to prevent them from ever coming back.

Thorough Inspection

Identification of Breeding Grounds

Mosquitoes are notorious for being fast breeders, which makes it critical to identify their breeding grounds so you can stop them from reproducing. Our mosquito control services begin with finding their current breeding grounds as well as areas that can possibly serve as their breeding grounds in the future.
Application of Treatment

Formulate a Tailor-fit Treatment

Our highly trained and experienced technicians will carry out a thorough assessment of your premises and formulate tailored mosquito pest control to suit your needs.
Pest-proofing Your Property

Misting Your Property

Misting treatment is an effective way to reduce the mosquito population in an area. The misting machine delivers Ultra Low Volume suspension to control mosquitoes. It is important to have the treatment done regularly to keep the mosquito population under control. Our experts can also implement larviciding in order to prevent future mosquito infestation.
Global Standards

Global Standards

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and pest control solutions, so you can rest assured that your mosquito problem will finally be controlled. All our products and services adhere to the strictest global standards, so you can rest easy knowing there’s nothing that will compromise your health and safety.

Our services in the Philippines go beyond mosquito control. Contact us today so we can provide your spaces with customized, comprehensive, and long-term solutions that meet the highest global standards.

What to Expect from Our Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control Solutions

Mosquitoes thrive in warm environments, which makes it common for most areas in the Philippines to be a breeding ground for them. ENTECH has the experience and knowledge necessary to get rid of your mosquito problem quickly and efficiently with our eco-friendly mosquito control solutions. Here’s what you can expect from our mosquito control services:

  • Our team of experts will do a property health check or inspection to your premises to identify the level of infestation and all possible breeding sources, so we can propose a comprehensive treatment. 
  • We will eradicate mosquitoes through our misting treatment and remove any potential harborage to minimize the chances of them from coming back. 
  • Larviciding can also be performed by our team of experts and will recommended next steps to prevent future mosquito infestation both within and outside the property.

Dual-Action Mosquito Defense with In2Care® Mosquito Station

Marketing-Rendering_In2Care_Station_Extended-Black (2)

In2Care® Mosquito Station introduces a greener, smarter way to combat deadly mosquito-borne diseases such as Dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya Virus.

This innovative technology utilizes a dual-action system to target and eliminate mosquito populations in coverage areas. EPA-approved and scientifically validated, In2Care® Mosquito Station is proven to provide unmatched mosquito control.

Dual-Action Efficiency:
Targets and eliminates both adult and larvae mosquitoes simultaneously.

Sustainable Control:
Utilizes bioactive gauze and growth-inhibiting biocides to intercept surrounding breeding grounds.

Eco-Friendly Design:
Made from durable recycled polypropylene, built to last.

Easy to maintain, requiring minimal intervention for effective control.

How In2Care® Mosquito Station Works


Dissolved tablets attract mosquitoes to the station.

Mosquitoes land on gauze strips, picking up biocides and fungus. Hatched larvae are slowly eliminated by larvicide in the treated solution.

As mosquitoes leave the station, they become infected with the biocides.

Mosquitoes spread and contaminate surrounding breeding grounds.

Affected mosquitoes slowly die within a few days, reducing the spread of diseases.


Mosquito Pest Control Service

Here at ENTECH, we understand the science of pest management. That’s why we’re proud to offer mosquito control solutions that work for you. Our services go to the source of the problem, so we can identify how we can stop and prevent it from coming back. We take an environmentally sensitive approach to mosquito control and management, with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment. For efficient mosquito control in the Philippines, partner with us. You can rest assured that we’ll find a solution that’s right for you and the environment.