Is Your Business at Risk from Rodent Infestation?

In the day-to-day routine of your business operations, it can be quite easy to overlook potential rodent attractants or signs of rat activity. Some factors inherent in your processes may actually be inviting pesky rodents in. Actually, rodent infestation is one of the major pest control problems in businesses in the Philippines.

Here we identify four (4) particular factors that make commercial environments prone to rodent activity.

1. Does your business or building have utility poles nearby?
When drawing up a suitable pest management plan for businesses in the Philippines, one of the first questions we ask is — are you near utility poles?

This is because rats can quickly navigate thinly strung phone and cable wires with the greatest of ease. Not even a 15-meter fall can deter these unstoppable pests from reaching their destination. Utility posts offer the perfect high wire for rats to cross.

When they see their goal in their sights, rodents will never miss climbing opportunities. Rats are agile and great at jumping – they can leap distances of up to 2 meters horizontally, and reach heights up to 1 meter vertically.

2. Is your business near a waterway or sewer?
Being the natural explorers they are, rats are excellent swimmers. This enables them to easily cross various waterways; just as easy for them to navigate the sewer tunnels under the city streets of Metro Manila.

This is especially true for Brown rats, for they are notoriously strong swimmers. These rat species often live near sewers, rivers, creeks, and other waterways.

3. Is your business located in a typhoon-prone area?
Like other living creatures, rodents need warmth and shelter from natural calamities. This is why they tend to live near humans. They depend on human habitation for their food sources.
When the weather turns sour, like during the rainy season, they will tend to move closer to human habitation or to where your office is located.

Rodents are highly active during the wet and cold months. This is why we get more pest control calls in the Philippines, during this time of the year.

4. Is your business located near a river, stream, or fountain?
Aside from food, rodents also need a steady supply of water. They will usually build their nests and burrow near a source of water, from where supply will be steady. all throughout the year.
This is because they cannot survive on the moisture from food alone – rodents need to drink water too. This factor certainly needs to be considered when devising a pest management plan for your business.

At Entech Integrated Pest Management, we believe that a “one-size fits all” approach is not the best solution. It’s about understanding a customer’s needs and expectations, forging strong partnerships, abstracting the most effective techniques from our team of local pest control experts and utilizing our long years of industry know-how to create a plan that will protect your investment: a business, a home, or a brand’s reputation.

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