Air Disinfection Service

Indoor air is more prone to allergens, dust, and other particles that can reduce air quality, trigger asthma, and spread a several airborne diseases. Let ENTECH’s professional air disinfection services protect your spaces by eliminating up to 99.99% of pathogens through effective disinfection solutions.

Professional Air Disinfection for Cleaner Indoor Spaces

Pathogens, allergens, and other pollutants aren’t just limited to your floors, furniture, and other surfaces. These can also affect your air quality, which can be a health risk that can trigger asthma or carry airborne diseases. With our air disinfection services, we can add an extra layer of protection and sanitize your spaces down to the air in the room. We offer effective air cleaning products and services designed to safely disinfect and eliminate up to 99.99% of air pathogens in every room.

Disinfects Effectively

Our professional air disinfection services use UV-C light, a type of UV light that has been used for disinfection for several decades. This can naturally eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other airborne microorganisms that can potentially carry airborne diseases and trigger reactions like asthma and allergies.

Inactivates 99.99% of Pathogens

Each of our products and services for professional air disinfection can target the pathogens in your indoor air circulating around the room. With proper ventilation and air circulation, we can eliminate up to 99.99% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms either after our cleaning services or around the clock with our air cleaning products. This minimizes the risk of airborne diseases spreading indoors.

Integrated Cleaning Solutions

Our air disinfection services are compatible with our deep cleaning services and pest management services. Experience ENTECH’s TOTAL CARE System by having our UV-light address the potential health risks affected by the quality of your indoor air.

Environmentally Friendly Disinfection

Our UV-C lamps are safe to use, either as a one-time service after deep cleaning your space or as a product that disinfects your airflow around the clock. Our innovative measures harness the natural features of UV light and create safe and sanitary spaces for your home or business.

The Air Disinfection Company That Delivers Effective Products and Services

ENTECH is an air disinfection company that provides comprehensive solutions that can improve your indoor air quality. Through our products and services, we can eliminate allergens and airborne pathogens that pose health risks to people in your spaces. Get in touch with us today to learn more about air quality solutions that fit your needs.

Air Disinfection Services from ENTECH

ENTECH provides a range of professional air disinfection products and services. Not sure which one is the best solution for your indoor space? Contact us today to discuss your professional cleaning and sanitation needs.

UV-C Upper Air Disinfection

We carry Philips Upper Air Disinfection Fixtures that we can install at several strategic points on your ceiling. Safely use your spaces with improved air quality when our fixture inactivates viruses, fungi, and bacteria found in your airflow. This can eliminate up to 99.99% of pathogens within 10 minutes.

UVCA200Air Disinfection

Good for homes and businesses, the UV-CA200 Air Disinfection unit from Philips can disinfect an average 18 square meter room within two hours. With a user-friendly interface that offers versatility and easy maintenance options, this model is your reliable source of cleaner air for easier use.


UVCA220Air Disinfection

A step up in terms of air disinfection and UV-C technology, this UVCA200 model comes with UV-C light and activated carbon absorption material. That’s an added layer to protect you from pollutants and allergens that can affect your air quality.


A strong air disinfection product ideal for indoor environments. Have up to 16 hours of indoor air quality monitoring with this reliable air purifying model.

ENTECH Is Your Reliable Air Disinfection Company

Every home and business in the Philippines deserves clean spaces – including the quality of air that can affect your health. At ENTECH, we provide air cleaning products and services by using innovative technology that utilizes the power of nature and environment-friendly ingredients. With ENTECH, you can expect that every air disinfection service and product is designed to safely and effectively eliminate allergens and pathogens that can affect your indoor air quality and carry airborne diseases.

We deliver these comprehensive solutions to thousands of homes and businesses in Manila and other cities in the Philippines. Let’s work together to create totally clean spaces that are safe, sanitary, and sustainable.